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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical class and what is it like?

Most classes at Kidz Can Cook are one and a half hours long.  We do, however, have special classes, camps, and events throughout the year that may be longer.  Each Kidz Can Cook class will showcase fun and creative foods while introducing basic culinary skills including reading recipes, measuring, ingredient selection, preparation and cooking techniques, kitchen safety and, of course, tasting.  Students will make 2 to 3 recipes per class and receive recipe cards for everything they make so they can practice and enjoy the recipes at home.  

What should my child wear to class?

We recommend that students wear closed-toe shoes to class and to dress appropriately for a cooking environment. Open-toed shoes and flip flops are not allowed to be worn during class. Long hair should be tied back. No loose jewelry, dangling earrings, bracelets or necklaces should be worn. We will provide an apron during the cooking class.

Do I need to sign a waiver for the classes? 

Yes, you do! This just helps us make everything as fun and as safe as possible for your child. You can download the waiver here and turn it in upon arrival of your child's first class. 

Is cooking safe for my child? 

Absolutely! Kidz Can Cook provides adult guidance to create a fun, interactive, safe, and exciting environment for our KIDZ.  Menus and skills are designed for the abilities of ages offered.  Age limits are imposed based on safety level, counter heights, attention span, and the instructor’s ability to create teamwork with the group. Please do not register underage children or ask for exceptions.

Where are you located?

7242 W. Touhy Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60631

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have plenty of parking on Touhy as well as parking spots in the rear.  You may pick-up/drop-off at either door.

Do I drop my child off or stay?

Kidz Can Cook is a drop-off class.  We do not allow parents, siblings, or others to wait in the building during the class time as this creates a lot of distractions in the classroom. We do not offer pre/post class care. Please drop off/pick up children no later than 5 minutes before or after class. 

What ages do you teach?

Kidz Can Cook classes are for children ages 5 and Up.  We will be offering Pre-Kindergarten classes in late Fall.

Will you offer classes for pre-schoolers?

Yes, we will offer Cooking with Mommy/Daddy/Grandparent/Pal classes beginning later this fall!

Will my child eat the food they prepare in class?

Yes!!! Your child will eat the food they make in class.  Even the pickiest of eaters will be encouraged to try “just a bite” of the food they prepare.  You will be amazed at what your child will not eat at home, but will eat and like in the Kidz Kitchen! 

It it "real" cooking and what do you make? 

At Kidz Can Cook we do "real" cooking with your children, teaching young chefs how to make everything from Chicken Vesuvio to homemade bread.  We want your children to not only learn the basics of cooking and kitchen techniques, but to have the opportunity to taste things they have never tried before.  We know that kids are more apt to eat what they make!

My child has food allergies or dietary restrictions, can you make substitutions or omit items?

Nut Allergies:
Kidz Can Cook is a nut free facility, meaning there are no nuts on site.  However, some foods we use are manufactured on the same equipment that processes nuts.   If your child has a nut allergy, we will set-up your child in a safe area and substitute any ingredient that states it “may contain nuts” or is “manufactured on equipment that processes nuts”  

Other food allergies or religious dietary restrictions:
We also try to accommodate children with other allergies like milk allergies, sesame, soy, etc.  As long as you let the Kidz Can Cook staff know when you register your child that there are food allergies or dietary restrictions, we will always try to find a substitution for the student unless the recipe restricts it.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you indicate these issues when you register.

Do you offer gift certificates?

At this time, gift certificates are only available in-store.

Do you offer birthday parties? 

Yes, we offer Birthday Parties and we would love to create the perfect menu for your child’s special day!   Contact us for more details.

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